Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Face Lift

Dr. Halliday has been a leading facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the Syracuse and Fingerlakes area for over 25 years.  He has performed over 3000 face lift surgeries and has a thorough understanding of facial anatomy.  He has published articles and been involved in many presentations regarding the face, head and neck.  His concept is to restore the facial appearance so that the face reveals a non-operated look and looks natural.  The face lift involves the lifting of the cheek, jowl, and neck area, and sometimes this can be done under a local anesthesia or light sedation.  He takes great care in hiding the incisions around the ear, and just after a few weeks, you will no longer be able to see the appearance of any incisions.


Cosmetic rhinoplasty is the reshaping of the nose to improve its aesthetic appearance. It can involve both reshaping of the bony dorsum of the nose or the nasal tip.  There are three basic ways a nose can be reshaped.

  1. There is an endo nasal approach where the incisions are completely inside the nose. 
  2. External rhinoplasty approach, where the incision is made on the mid-line columella of the nose where the skin in reflected back and there is direct exposure to the nasal tip and to the nasal dorsum.  This incision is also very well hidden and used mainly in more complex types of nose and tip reconstruction.
  3. A more popular approach is when the nose can be augmented with a filler or implant. This is used to build up the dorsum of the nose. This is commonly used in people who are of Asian decent, or low-profile noses, traumatic noses, or flat type of nose.


Cosmetic blepharoplasty is the most popular cosmetic eyelid procedure to remove excess skin of the upper eyelids.  This can be done most times in an office setting under a local anesthesia or light sedation.  Many times, if the excess skin is blocking your vision, your insurance may cover this for you. 

Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty

Improve the contour of the lower eyelids by tightening the skin, removing excess fat and or skin, or filling in depressions.  The depressions can be improved by using the persons own fat, or by using a hyaluronic filler. The lower eyelid skin can be also tightened surgically, with a laser, or plasma pen.

Brow Lift

There are times when the eyebrow has drooped and can be elevated.  Dr. Halliday prefers to use a lateral approach incision to elevate the lateral aspect of the brow and to avoid a surprised look.  There are other types of brow incisions, which include a direct incision on the brow.  The brow can also be lifted with the use of a Botox product.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

The most common procedure Dr. Halliday performs is skin resurfacing. This can be done using chemical peels, platelet rich plasma (PRP), or laser resurfacing.

Fillers and Injectables

We commonly use different types of fillers including Radiesse for deeper injections for areas like the cheekbones, jaw line and naso-labial folds, or Restylane and Juvéderm which are used to improve fine lines and fullness to areas like the lip.  Dr. Halliday has considerable experience with Sculptra.  Sculptra is used to stimulate the patient’s own collagen and can be used in areas such as the cheek, chin, peri-oral, temple, and jaw line areas.


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