"Dr. Halliday was amazing. The results of my surgery were remarkable; like MAGIC. Every staff member I encountered was astonishingly friendly and helpful. I'm so happy with the help and services I was provided. It feels like a dream come true."
- Ryan T.
"Compassionate , caring, kind and listens. Dr. Halliday I believe, saved my life. My appointment was for throat pain and he immediately was concerned after putting a scope down my throat. THAT DAY (99% of doctors would schedule another visit for the procedure. ) he did multiple biopsies, pain free. Returned for results and yes it was cancer. Dr. Halliday went as far as to get me the best radiation oncologist and oncologist. This was all in the matter of days. I cannot say enough regarding his scientific knowledge and unbelievable care. You will never find a medical doctor like him."
- Paula
"I had to see Dr. Halliday for an emergency appointment due to some allergy complications. They staff was friendly, helpful, and understanding, and they squeezed me in ASAP so i could have some relief. The office is all remodeled, clean and inviting. Definitely recommend!"
- Jess C
"Dr. Halliday is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me gain control over chronic migraines caused by deviated septum and allergies. Since my surgery the migraines are almost non existent. His staff is always very helpful and willing to go above and beyond to help me with my health issues."
- Jodie
"I have never had a unpleasant experience while visiting Dr. Halliday's office and I have had to see him quite a few times over the last couple years. I trust his diagnosis completely and he answers all my questions which are always numerous. I have never had to wait more then a few minutes to be seen and I know that I can call and get an appointment without much of a wait. I really cannot think of anything they could improve, from the staff, who are always very friendly, to the office environment. Everything is top notch. I am from Canada, therefore I am not used to receiving timely or friendly treatment from a Dr.'s office. I recommend Dr. Halliday to everyone I know and cannot say enough good things. My husband was super impressed when he accompanied me to an appointment and he is rarely impressed by anything."
- Karla
"Dr Halliday cares about your health. I had a deviated septum and he sat with me with my x-rays and showed me exactly what he was going to do. He was so caring before and after my surgery. I can breathe perfectly now. I have recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and he’s been caring and kind with taking care of the issues that are triggering my flare ups. He cares about my comfort. I have many specialists in my life right now and I wish they could all go to “Dr Halliday training school” to learn how to treat their patients. His staff is amazing as well. You get a real telephone call back and they answer emails quickly. So refreshing and rare to find in today’s world."
- Marjorie
"Dr H is absolutely wonderful! He is personable always listening to you and very calming demeanor. My sinus surgery was a success and pain free. I am currently seeing him for my allergies."
"I had severe nasal blockage and could not breath out of my right nostril. I saw doctor Halliday who had performed a septoplasty on me. Thanks to him, I can breath much better! I would recommend him if you have any sinus or allergy complications! Thank you so much Dr. Halliday! You are amazing!"

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